Meet Rick Shone

About Rick

Rick Shone is a business owner, father, husband, and proud Winnipeg resident. Active in the community, Rick is a strong advocate for reducing the bureaucratic pressure on small business, a champion of promoting our city as a tourist destination. 

Rick is committed to making Winnipeg a better place for everyone and will use his experience as a small business owner, board member, traveller, and volunteer to build a more vibrant, diverse, and prosperous city.

As a proven leader, Rick has the skills and vision to move our city forward. He is committed to working with all levels of government to find practical and caring solutions to the challenges we all face.

He comes from a family of immigrants who came to Winnipeg in the late 1950s to escape the apartheid system in South Africa. 

Rick’s parents, who met in Winnipeg, instilled in him a strong work ethic and a commitment to helping others, values that he has carried with him throughout his life.

While in high school, Rick travelled to Paris on a youth exchange program. This experience sparked his interest in travel and he has since travelled to over 35 countries and 100+ cities.

A Strong Voice for a Vibrant Winnipeg

More About Rick

He has used this experience to develop a keen understanding of what makes a city vibrant and function well. Rick returned to Winnipeg to attend the University of Manitoba, where he completed a BA in Psychology with minors in Sociology, Criminology, and Religion. 

After graduating from the University of Manitoba Rick took a job at a local outdoor shop and soon realized that he wanted to be a business owner himself. In 2008, Rick purchased the shop and has since expanded it to two additional locations. 

He also started an events company called Swamp Donkey Adventure Racing, which has organized over 50 events with 10,000+ participants. 

Rick is married to Elysia, a Winnipeg police officer, and they have two young children. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time at his cabin in the Whiteshell, cycling, and hiking.