Rick Shone Fulfils Campaign Promise to Release Donor List Before Election

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, Manitoba –

In the lead-up to election day, Mayoral Candidate Rick Shone released his donor list and invites all candidates to do the same.

“Earlier in the campaign, one of the first things I did was pledge to release my donor list before the election and I’m happy to say that I’m fulfilling that promise today,” said Shone.

“I believe that it’s important for the public to know who is funding my campaign,” said Shone. “I want to be completely transparent about my campaign and I hope that this sets the standard for future elections.”

“Winnipeggers deserve to know who is funding the campaigns of all candidates running for office and I hope that other candidates will also release their donor lists,” said Shone.

The donor list can be viewed below:

Adam Budowski
Andrea Dysievick
Anne Miller
Ashmead Khan
Blake Anderson
Bruce Okrainec
Claire Dufault
Courtney Dhaliwal
Dan Jonsson
Dan Wolfrom
Daniel Hartley
Darryl Stewart
Dawn Richardson
Deborah Alby
Doug Darling
Elizabeth Anne Roffey
Elysia Shone
Emeric Duha
Eric Johannson
George Constantinides
Gord Yvon
Hijab Mitra
Jaime Manness
James Buhler
James Hopkins
Janet Andrea Dysievick
Jarrett Davidson
Jenn Peters
Jeff Huston
Jeremy Bomhof
Jeremy Epp
Jonathan Klippenstein-Epp
Jonathan Strauss
Judd Ekdahl
Julie Doran Donaldson
Karlen Peters
Ken Sjoberg
Barb Sjoberg
Kenneth Dufault
Kevin Gill
Kristen Lucyshyn
Kristi Degenhardt
Kristjan Backman
Kurt Lehmann
Larry Shone
Laurine Shone
Linda Zelinsky
Lisa Loscerbo
Luke Barr
Matthew Amihude
Meghan Glennie
Melissa Penner
Neil Penner
Phil Proctor
Richard Enright
Rick Shone
Ron Penner
Ryan Alby
Ryan Garriock
Samantha Duha
Sandra G Briscoe
Scott Kelman
Shawn Darren Earn
Shawn Le Breton
Shayla Moore
Shayon Mitra
Steve Dysievick
Wade Garriock
Adam Budowski
>$250 Contributors to Rick Shone for Winnipeg Mayor
(Information as of October 25th, 2022)


Approved by the Official Agent for Rick Shone

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