Shone pledges Indigenous-led, Arrival Strategy in Partnership with the City of Winnipeg

In the wake of significant demographic changes, including greater in-migration from Northern Manitoba and North-Western Ontario communities, mayoral candidate Rick Shone proposes a new and innovative arrival strategy, Embracing Winnipeg. This strategy would address rapidly changing trends and see a revised mandate for the Indigenous Relations Division at the City of Winnipeg.

“Winnipeg can lead the way,” said Shone. “If elected, the City of Winnipeg will be an active and willing partner in the development of a common-sense framework, in partnership with Indigenous governments, provincial and federal authorities.”

Embracing Winnipeg would align disparate services to prevent duplication and over-administration.

“We currently use a patchwork of conflicting and, at times, overlapping support services to address the needs of people moving to Winnipeg in search of employment, education and housing,” said Shone.

This strategy would provide both long- and short-term services to make the transition streamlined and safe, in culturally appropriate settings, for Indigenous people looking to call Winnipeg home.

Coordinating with partners, the framework would:

• Work with employers and job seekers, including job skills development;

• Provide education services including academic support programs;

• Programming for parenting supports aimed at greater literacy and effective nutrition;

• Access to transitional and temporary housing;

• Work with existing grassroots and community service providers;

• Work in partnership with Indigenous governments;

• Promote Indigenous business;

• Promote cultural and educational programming.

Recent examples such as the Naawi-Oodena Master Plan (formerly Kapyong Barracks) Treaty 1 project and Wehwehneh Bahgahkinahgohn announced earlier this year by Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) to transform Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) heritage building in downtown, provide unique opportunities. By coordinating vital community services, we can work toward better outcomes while monitoring the long-term results.

“I believe the City of Winnipeg can lead, finding common purposes with existing organizations, working together to make a real difference,” said Shone.


Approved by the Official Agent for Rick Shone

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