Shone Announces 10-Step Strategy for Leadership and Governance at City Hall

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, Manitoba –

Today, Rick Shone announced his 10-step strategy for a leadership and governance shift in the way the City of Winnipeg does business.

“Leadership starts with the mayor,” said Shone. “Winnipeg needs strong leadership more than ever to tackle issues like crime, homelessness, better transportation, and stronger community services.”

“As Mayor, my primary goal is to work with a strong team to build the best city we can, together. I could care less about name recognition or having my name on a building. What I care about is restlessly serving all Winnipeggers to the best of my abilities.”

Shone explains that the “City Council and the Public Service need to work to build back the trust of Winnipeggers and this starts from both elected and unelected leadership. In order to offer better value for our residents, we must hire and promote those that believe in providing excellent services to residents and are ready to embrace a culture of change. Fresh thinking, new energy, and a new vision is required on Council and in the Public Service.”

Beyond explaining how he plans to tackle a cultural change at the City of Winnipeg, Shone also plans to make changes in how the Council and the city work. He plans to work with Council to implement the following:

1. Require all votes to be recorded at Council and Committee meetings.

2. Require that any Member of Council obtain formal leave, with a recorded vote, from their colleagues to skip a vote.

3. Include all members of Council in the budget development process.

4. Improve access to information for all members of Council in a policy to be chosen by Council.

5. Meet with all members of Councillors at least four times per year to problem solve and work on issues important to their Wards.

6. Name a Council liaison position within the Mayor’s Office, allowing for a constant point of contact for all Councillors.

7. Increase the Councillors Ward Allowance by 25%, allowing for better staff retention and a higher level of service for residents.

8. Discontinue the Community Committee’s role in the Development Application Process reducing conflicts of interest and allowing members of Council to take a whole of city approach to development.

9. Limit EPC to six members and name the Deputy Mayor from within EPC. The Acting Deputy Mayor would be rotated between non-EPC members of Council on a quarterly basis.

10. Work collaboratively with Indigenous, federal, and provincial governments to make real change in the City of Winnipeg.

“Change does not happen overnight. This cultural shift that I am proposing will take years and will demand consistency and a coordinated effort across the entire organization. I’m confident that we can make Winnipeg a city that we can all be proud of, but it doesn’t just start with strong leadership at City Hall – it starts with your vote on October 26th.”


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