My Platform

Achieving Winnipeg's
Full Potential

As your mayor, I will be a champion for our city and its residents. I will work tirelessly to make sure that Winnipeg is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I will be a strong voice for our city, and I will make sure that your concerns are heard at City Hall.


Rick Shone

Candidate for Mayor of Winnipeg

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My Priorities

Winnipeg must grow sustainably. Future investments must consider environmental and social impacts of each project.


An important factor in all of this being more flexible in our zoning to allow for multi-unit and smaller housing, promoting entrepreneurship and small businesses and supporting small and medium enterprises.

As a hub for innovation in the heart of Canada, we must increase transparency and accountability, and embrace a smart city approach to infrastructure and transportation.

Many local businesses depend on tourism, so we must also invest in making our city a more attractive destination for people from across the globe. I will work to make our city more attractive to visitors by investing in attracting festivals, concerts, and other events to Winnipeg.

We need to create viable transportation options to encourage multimodal choices and reduce our reliance on cars.

This includes investing in alternative transportation, such as walking and cycling, making Winnipeg Transit safer and more convenient, and improving traffic flow and reducing congestion.

As Winnipeg mayor, I will focus on urban design, with traffic calming measures, mixed-use planning, and improved waste management and recycling. I will also create a new bus route to Birds Hill Park, invest in electric vehicle infrastructure, and more bike lanes in Osborne Village.

We need to do more to keep our streets, parks, neighbourhoods, and the air we breathe clean and safe. This is why I will work to phase out the city’s use of gas-powered lawn and yard equipment, including leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and lawn mowers by 2025 and create new incentives for residents and businesses to switch to electric-powered equipment.
I will invest in more composting infrastructure, plant more trees, and work with the provincial and federal governments to create incentives for residents and businesses to make switching to EVs easier and more affordable, install 100 electric vehicle charging stations in cityowned facilities by the end of 2025, with a goal of having 500 stations citywide by 2030.
I will also support the development of community gardens and urban agriculture projects, such as rooftop gardens and vertical farming by incentivizing parking lot and vacant land owners to convert their underutilized space into parks, community gardens, vertical farms, or other green spaces. 

Winnipeg was not designed with you in mind. That is why we need to improve the quality of life in our neighbourhoods by encouraging density and infill development, improving the appearance of our city, making walking, cycling, and public transit more convenient and accessible, and making our downtown more attractive by ensuring residents have access to the amenities they need, such as grocery stores, Liquor Marts, schools, and daycares.

As your mayor, I will work with the provincial and federal governments to create incentives for developers to include green space in their projects, such as parks, community gardens, or vertical farms, support the development of community gardens and urban agriculture projects, such as rooftop gardens, and make amenities more convenient for downtown residents.


Instead of having a city hall that is bureaucratic and unresponsive, we need to ensure that city hall is an effective and efficient steward of taxpayers’ money, with increased transparency and accountability, improved procurement, and reduced waste.

As your mayor, I will work to streamline the bureaucracy by breaking down silos, investing in digital innovation to streamline the permitting process, making city hall more responsive to the needs of Winnipeggers by streamlining the process for public input, and empowering front-line staff to provide Winnipeggers with the services they rely on.

I will also introduce more independent oversight of city hall, with a focus on transparency and accountability, reducing our dependence on consultants, and making information more accessible to the public to ensure that taxpayers are getting the best value for their money.

Winnipeg’s crime rate is too high and we need to do more to keep our city safe. I will invest in community policing, work to improve the police’s relationship with the community by increasing the availability of information, improving the recruiting process, providing more training on de-escalation and conflict resolution, and ensuring that residents have a say in how their neighbourhood is policed.

We need to embrace Winnipeg’s diversity, with a policing strategy that includes more community policing and social supports for addiction and mental health.

I will also work to get the police budget under control and invest in mental health and addiction supports to ensure that people in crisis are getting the help they need, and work with the provincial and federal governments to create incentives for businesses to provide job opportunities to hire more youth and decrease recidivism rates.


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