Shone Promises One New Spray Pad Per Year

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, Manitoba –

Today, Winnipeg mayoral candidate Rick Shone announced support for improved summer leisure activities, committing to enhancing the City of Winnipeg!s outdoor aquatic facilities plan, building at least one additional spray pad per year.

“If this summer is any indication, we can expect hotter and hotter temperatures with Winnipeggers looking to beat the heat in safe and fun ways,” said Shone. “Outdoor pools, wading pools and spray pads are essential outdoor leisure activities, but the city can do more to help families take advantage of our short summer months, especially those who can’t get out of the city.”

Under Shone’s proposal, developers would be required to include spray pads in new residential developments, improving accessibility to these amenities. This would be a more effective use of city resources and would provide a cost-effective way for more Winnipeggers to enjoy the outdoors without further burdening the city budget.

“Maintenance and accessibility are key factors,” said Shone. “Spray pads are easier and cheaper to construct and operate than pools, offering many health and social benefits for Winnipeggers of all ages.” “By collaborating with private sector developers, we can provide these outdoor spaces and give investors a sense of pride in their developments, while ensuring all Winnipeggers have equitable access to summer leisure activities.”

It is estimated that upgrades to Winnipeg’s ageing pools would cost over $28 million, this is money better spent on new or upgraded summer aquatic facilities that all Winnipeggers can enjoy.


Approved by the Official Agent for Rick Shone

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